Symantec 2019 Cloud Security Threat Report

The Need to Boost Cloud Security Against Evolving Threats

The inaugural Symantec Cloud Security Threat Report documents how organizations are adapting to evolving cloud threats, probing issues such as visibility, control of apps and data, and immature security practices. The data indicates that many are not focused on the fastest growing threats when it comes to cloud computing security.


Cloudy visibility. There’s a storm brewing.

There’s a storm cloud of threats headed this way and 85% of users aren’t utilizing Center for Internet Security Best Practices. Get the information you need to be prepared by downloading the Symantec 2019 Cloud Security Threat Report.

Prepare with Leading Cloud Security Experts.

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What’s in Your Cloud?

Do you really know what your company is doing in the Cloud?

Security professionals underestimate the number of cloud applications in use by a factor of five.? With a rapidly evolving attack surface, evolving user-base and proliferation of managed and unmanaged devices, you can’t afford to be wrong about cloud computing security. Learn more about what’s really happening.

Your Business Is in the Cloud, Your Security Should be Too

53% of all compute workload is in the Cloud

The expertise and bandwidth of IT staff are challenged by lack visibility across applications, data storage and workloads which are evenly distributed throughout the cloud.

Data storage is in more than one environment, according to survey respondents, spread across private (18 percent) and public (18 percent) Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), on-premises systems (18 percent), and SaaS (17 percent).

Lack of Visibility and Control of Data Are Key Concerns

Two thirds say their data is likely for sale on the dark web

What is more worrying is the fall-out effect that can happen from this lax approach to cloud security controls. The external survey reports that 68 percent of respondents have either seen direct or likely evidence that their data had been for sale on the Dark Web. Less than a third (31 percent) did not believe their data was at any risk.

Immature security practices prevail

65% of organizations aren’t using multi-factor authentication (MFA) on IaaS

More than half of respondents in the external survey confirmed their cloud security practices were not mature enough to meet the demands of the growing use of cloud apps, and nearly three-quarters said they experienced a security incident in cloud-based infrastructure due to this immaturity.

Symantec data confirms the issue: 85% of its cloud infrastructure workload customers are not using best security practices as outlined by the Center for Internet Security (CIS).

CSTR Highlights Top Cloud Security Issues

Businesses are moving to the cloud but many don't understand the new security risks

The CSTR indicates a big difference between perceived and actual risks of cloud migration. Based on responses, most companies are not focused on the prominent threats and are relying on immature cloud security practices to protect them. Educating business leaders and fellow employees is the first step towards improving cloud security.

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